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Trupti Agarwal,
The world has been a time of enormous transition over past few decades. Once manufacturing dominated economies and than service industries came to the fore but now we are in different age. We are now in the creative Industries age –an age in which working ideas will be of paramount importance.

This cultural economy is driven by what might be called ‘the creative industry’ – those whose work spans everything from art to music to design to entertainment to advertising and media. Global trade in services and products of creativity continued to register an annual average growth of 14 percent. Here are few interesting and figures regarding the creative Industries. Global turnover 2240 billion,5% annual growth, 7.3 of global gross domestic product ,5 % of workforce growing at 5% per annum.


This sector is estimated to grow at 12 %, with ad-spend mostly in the FMCG sector the total 900 accredited agencies with the top 10 % influencing and probably controlling 80 % of the total ad spend. The breakup is a follows: print media (50%), TV (30%), radio (2%) and internet (2%) are the preferred channels in that order. All the top international companies have operations in India.

Industrial Design

This sector is spoken as a potential growth sector for two reasons the trend for India to become a global manufacturing hub and the growth of Indian multinationals .Key sector that are expected to contribute to industrial design in India include automobile, white goods manufactures, textiles, personal product, packaging and furniture.

Fashion Industry

The domestic fashion business is expected to become a Rs 750-crore industry by 2012 from the current level of Rs 270 crore, given the increased demand for designer clothes and huge investments being planned by companies, according to industry body Assocham. It was projected that the domestic fashion industry would grow to a level of Rs 500 crore in the next five years. The sector accounts for a meagre 0.2 per cent of the global designer wear market, which is worth Rs 162,900 crore and is growing at 9.5 per cent annually.

Design Industry

The Indian animation industry is currently at US $500 million and is expected to reach US $1.5 billion by the year 2020. With international companies such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and Fun Bag Animation looking at India for sourcing content as well as doing projects in collaboration with the Indian animation companies, there has been a growing demand for animators in the country. NASSCOM says that India's gaming industry (computer games and mobile games) is expected to generate $424 million. NASSCOM has projected a creation of an additional 300,000 jobs in this sector in next few years.

Print Media

According to a PricewanterhouseCoopers’ study, Global Entertainment & Medial Outlook 2004-2011 the Indian newspaper market has grown for 1.869 Million to 2.404 million. It is being expected to grow more.

So Students in today’s uncertain world if want to make a mark for yourself then you need to have absolute clarity of fundamental concepts irrespective of the stream you belong to. The industry also wants every employee to be efficient and he should have the perfect knowledge of the subject so this is the time of your life to learn to put an extra efforts and the world will be at your service.

Warm Regards,
Mrs Trupti B. Agarwal,
Chairperson, VITDDM